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How to add your pages with recipes searches at websites for recipes, which are then ranked and made searchable. Our users then are able to search recipes by name and ingredients. If you own a website focused on recipes and would like to have your recipes listed in our search results, then follow these steps, please:

  1. Make sure your site contains at least 50 recipes. Sites with fewer recipes are not included in search results.
  2. Prepare the data about your recipes. The data must be saved in CSV (semicolon separated, each record on its own line), and must contain the following columns: name (the recipe), URL (the URL of the page with a recipe - without http://), ingredients (list of ingredients separated by commas), ningr (number of ingredients), Photo (0 = no picture, 1 = yes, 2 = yes video, 3 = photo + video), quality (0-100%, depending on user ratings, -1 if not evaluated).
  3. Compress the data to a zip and send it to our e-mail address; attach your own comment. If data is too large, place them somewhere for download - and send us a link and a comments via email.
  4. Be patient, please. It takes some time before we analyze your data and integrate them into our database.

Thank you.



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If you are looking for the best recipes from all the internet then welcome here. You'll find here recipes suitable for everyday meals and for festive occasions as well. And recipes focusing on healthy lifestyle, recipes for special seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, recipes for sweets and other snacks. You can search not just by browsing the individual categories, but also through the form on the upper left. You can type a word you want to be in the name or among ingredients of the recipe; just write down the ingredients you have at home and we'll find recipes that use these ingredients. (If you use the + sign between the words, you will find recipes that contain both words; if you use the comma, then we will find those that contain at least one of the words.) We wish you a pleasant cooking and bon apetite.

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